Discovering the Joys of Tantric Sex

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If you want to be happy both spiritually and physically you to try tantric sex which will lead to extended orgasms. But you have to be patient because it will take some time for achieving the result. You will discover new pleasures in sex which will help you to look at life from another side. If you do everything correctly, you will stop think that sex is only a physical pleasure, but it can also bring a spiritual pleasure. Women will have an unbelievable orgasm and men will prolong theirs.

Tantric sex will help you to expand your orgasm from sexual organs to the whole body. Using tantra you will become closer to the nature and you will broad your sexual horizons. People tell that orgasms during tantra sex are unforgettable and endless ones.

If you do not like sex, it does not bring you pleasure and you do not experience orgasms, try to do tantric sex with your boyfriend and find out your sexuality. According to statistics, pairs who discovered tantra, tell that they have never had such a wonderful and prolonged sex in whole their lives.

But if you want to reach better sex life with tantric sex, you have to be sexually connected with yourself and your partner.

Tantric Games

A world-known tantric game is yin-yang, where you can exchange with your sexual desires with your lover. For example, you can request an erotic massage or G-spot stimulation. You can also guide him or tell him advices what and where he has to do. Due to this sensual game you will learn out about each others sexual desires and dreams.

If you want to reach the best result you have to be excited before tantric sex. You can do this by dancing or moving actively. Then you have to stay relaxed, to breathe slowly and to unite with yourself.

Everyone knows that women need more to get excited than men. That is why you have to be patient and prolong prelude. You will need at least 30 minutes for it. You can gently caress her body, take roses’ leaves and sprinkle them over her body, stimulate her intimate zones with leather or your hand.

But it is easier to inflame the man. You can only sexually dance in hot lingerie without letting him touch you and he will be excited immediately. You can also bind him to the bed and make him an erotic massage and he will be your slave.

Some tips for Tantric sex

1. First of all, buy aromatic candles in the heart shape and put soft music for making a sexual atmosphere.
2. Then dance erotically for your partner, excite him with your moves and touches and tell him what you are going to do with him.
3. You have to be spiritually connected to each other, so just look into each other’s eyes without telling a word.
4. Make your foreplay longer for getting excited, kiss, caress and touch each other.
5. After this, start making sex.
6. Do not close your eyes and look at each other during the sex for the connection both of your minds and bodies.

But do not forget to communicate with each other. This will help you to understand each other better. Discuss about Tantric sex and tell what you like and what you do not like in it. Tantra will help you to keep healthy sexual life and relationship.